Teresa Ross has a warm voice, improvises creatively, swings and is not afraid of caressing worthy lyrics.  Her debut CD, which is filled with her interpretations of a variety of jazz classics, is quite impressive and recommended to all lovers of vocalists."

Scott Yanow
Jazz journalist/historian


"Teresa Ross is a jazz singer and, happily, one who loves words and 'tells the story.' Personality pours out through the lyrics. Better Than Anything is a great debut CD."

Roger Crane
Writer; Jazz Improv and All About Jazz


"Teresa Ross is the real thing!"

Bill Traut
Grammy Committee/Manager Emeritus Kurt Elling


"Teresa Ross is an extraordinary vocalist who is committed to singing jazz. Her new recording project, Better Than Anything [is now available]. With solid presence, her voice displays the confidence necessary to take command of a song. Combined with impeccable pitch and an instinctive ability to interpret the lyric, Teresa separates herself from the crowd. From the hipness of Bob Dorough and the vocalese of King Pleasure to Gershwin, Yip Harburg and stylish interpretations of Gilberto Gil and Jobim, Teresa has created a distinctive jazz record with diversity and taste. Her song list is thoughtful, jazz-minded and refreshing."

Ron Fundingsland
Jazz Music Director/KSUT Four Corners Public Radio
JazzWeek Jazz Reporter





Thrilling, Vintage Jazz Emerges at the Sidecar Lounge

February 28, 2006  |  Special to the Durango Herald
by A. John Graves

One of life's distinct pleasures is the thrill of discovering world-class talent or a work of art in relatively obscure surroundings. Last Friday and Saturday nights in the Sidecar Lounge at Scoot 'n' Blues, it was both. The talent is Teresa Ross and Actual Proof; the work of art is the outstanding vocal and instrumental presentation by Ross and the exciting new jazz group that backs her.

Experiencing Saturday's show was like reliving the most exciting days of this art form's excellence. Here, talented and trained musicians blended tight, well-rehearsed arrangements, (featuring inspired ad lib solos by all the instrumentalists), with the swinging, sophisticated stylings of Ross. Their playlist has the same eclectic repertoire found on her new CD "Better Than Anything": straight-ahead jazz, classic standards, bossa novas, a scattering of bebop, and occasional special material.

"Outstanding" is the adjective that should precede considerations of pitch, tonality, phrasing, and showmanship as applied to this ensemble. Of course, as Irving Mills and Duke Ellington cautioned in 1932, "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing." No worries here.

Granted that the lyrics of the classic standards of Gershwin, Porter and Rogers tend to focus on romance rather than today's more meaningful social issues, Teresa Ross has a rare ability to bring any lyric to life. Through her amazing timing, articulation and control, she expresses an unerring sense of romance, drama and comedy. She even manages to bring sheer musicality to her scat singing, wherein real words are replaced with "made up" nonsense syllables. No matter how short the syllable, it is delivered with precision and tonality. There are no "throw-away" notes.

Four masterful music makers from the Four Corners make up Actual Proof: Lee Bartley and Bob Newnam from Mancos, Bob Cordalis from Dolores, and Durango's Brad Tarpley.

Pianist, composer, arranger, and recording artist Lee Bartley is at the keyboard. Incidentally, during the 18 years he was composing and playing for the Denver jazz group Images, they brought his six foot grand piano with them for every booking! He plays with the technique and assurance of a classical artist, but his innovative arrangements and jazz solos bring a distinct identity to the group.

Bassist Bob Cordalis has played with just about every kind of musical group in the area: blues, rock, jazz - and he was even principal bassist for the San Juan Symphony. His powerful driving beat and inventive solos reflect this versatile background.

Bob Newnam's trumpet and flugelhorn will not blast your eardrums with screeching high notes. But every mellow note he plays will reflect his good taste and creative instincts.

Percussionist Brad Tarpley has performed with blues luminaries Pete Pearson and Guitar Shorty, The Crewcuts, country legend Lynn Anderson, and jazz artist Carla Valente. Unlike many drummers, Brad can play with subtlety and nuance, or with wild abandon - whatever the style and the arrangement requires.

St. Patrick's Day may be the day for Teresa's big break. For her first out-of-town gig she'll headline at Dazzle Jazz Lounge in Denver, accompanied by the Eric Gunnison Trio (Eric was Carmen McCrae's accompanist). Her appearance at this noted jazz club may well bring her to the attention of important jazz figures.

On that auspicious evening in March, Denver, and maybe soon the nation, will have the delayed delight of discovery.