Teresa Ross - vocals

Eric Gunnison - piano

Mark Simon - bass

Paul Romaine - drums

Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa - bass (tracks 2, 8, 9)

Bob Newman - trumpet, flugel horn

Bill Kopper - guitar

Steve Dejka - percussion

Scott Griess & Jeff Jenkins - engineers

Recorded, mixed and mastered at
MileHighMusic, Inc. Denver, CO
© TRI Music 2005




My deepest gratitude to my beautiful musicians, Eric, Paul and Mark for giving your very best gifts of playing and arranging... to Bijoux, Bob, Bill and Steve for your support and contribution to the music. Thanks to Scotty and Jeff for virtually co-producing with patience, skill and wisdom. For all your help along the way, my appreciation to Jeff Sweet, Brad Tarpley, Lee Bartley, Doug Eagle, Susie Ewing, Victoria Fitts Milgrim, Amy Sellin and Michael Pruett. Thanks to Laurie Dickson for your beautiful photos and to Michael Signorella for your impeccable graphic design gifts. Special thanks to Ron Fundingsland; your encouragement and vision sparked this journey from the very beginning and continues to sustain me. To my team, Cindy, Denise, Toni, Mary, and Leah for your help and care.

And especially to my team at home and away... my husband, Matt, who continues to love and believe in me and inspire me to become my best and highest self. To my first family, Mom, Dad and Chris, for teaching me to sing and to love. And to my sweet babies and greatest loves, Zoe and Miles; your are truly Better Than Anything.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Della Florence Fitzgerald Young, a beautiful musician, strong woman and loving mother who began this musical journey long ago.